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Math Help Sites

Algebraic Principles--Chapter resources for your textbook Algebra: Concepts and Applications available online!
Concepts in motion Great animations that show and explain the concepts from each chapter.
Personal Tutor Shockwave files that show a teacher working out a sample math problem from the chapter.

Self-check Tests Randomly generated questions from each chapter. Get immediate feedback on whether you understand each math concept.

Parent and Student Study Guide- Downloadable explanations by chapter of the math concepts, examples and answers so that parents can help their student.
Algebra 1 Text: CME Project Algebra 1 (Pearson)


Online Resources :
Great video explanations of concepts. If you miss a class or are not clear about a concept, this site is invaluable!


Intermediate Math Text: MathMatters2 (Glencoe McGraw-Hill)
Online Resources: Practice tests and quizzes, extra examples and vocabulary review

Geometry Text: CME Project Geometry (Pearson) math_cmegeo_ps.jpg
Online Resources : Offers great video tutorials for each chapter in your book
Algebra 2 Text: Algebra 2 (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston 2003)

While this site is not made to go along with your textbook, it offers great video tutorials of Algebra 2 concepts. Personal Tutor

Calculus Help
Select to find Tutorials for the Calculus Phobe.
These multimedia training sessions include such topics as Limits and Continuity and
Finding Derivatives.
This page is written and maintained by W. Michael Kelley, a former math teacher who was named
Outstanding High School Mathematics Teacher
(from the Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics).

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