Official School Transcript

(Requested by colleges and scholarship committees)

See Mrs. Adams in the main office. She will have you fill out a transcript request form and take care of having the transcript sent.

An official high school transcript includes the following:
  • Courses taken
  • Grades earned
  • Total number of absences, by year
  • Class rank
  • Grade point average (GPA)

Official school transcripts are embossed with the school seal. Generally, they are not given directly to students but are mailed to the place you specify on your request form. If it is necessary for you to hand carry an official transcript, it will be placed in a sealed envelope with the words "hand carried" written over the sealed flap.

In Progress School Transcript

(Used to check credit totals, requirements met, grades earned, class rank and GPA)

See Mrs. Elskamp in the Guidance Office

While it looks exactly like an official transcript, an unofficial high school transcript does not bear the school seal and is stamped "UNOFFICIAL".