Group Counseling
Throughout the year, you may be part of a group of students with similar concerns. This can provide support and information you to allow you to make good decisions.
Teacher/Student Conferences
Many times, talking to a teacher before or after school can resolve problems and clear up misunderstandings. However, your counselor can arrange a conference with you and your teacher to resolve a problem. Often a short conference can be a great help.

Parent Conferences
Parents can arrange a conference with a counselor by calling the office and requesting an appointment

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Conferences may be requested by parents, teachers, the student or a counselor. A counselor will make the arrangements.

Student/Parent Conferences
Meetings with the student, parent and counselor can be helpful. A counselor can make the arrangements.
Developmental Guidance Lessons
Counselors meet with groups of students to provide information on specific topics on critical information for student success.

Some common reasons for seeing your guidance counselor include:
· Trouble with your grades
· Helping you understand yourself
· Discussing your needs and feelings
· Exploring alternatives
· Making choices
· Personal problems
· Supplying information
· Determining interests
· Investigating careers
· Planning for your future
  • Careers
  • Colleges
  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • Technical Schools
· Help with course selection--deciding on courses that suit your abilities and goals
Help creating a 4 year course plan