course_guide_2012-13.jpgThe complete Course Guide. Check out course descriptions and supplemental information.
Your faculty advisor will discuss graduation and college admissions requirements and answer general course selection questions. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your course selections with your parent(s) prior to meeting with your counselor. Counselors will meet individually with each Sophomore and Junior. Your counselor will review your course selections, make suggestions to help you meet your academic goals and finalize your course selection.

Course Syliabi
Each content area folder contains the syllabus for each high school (HS) and intermediate school (IS) course offering. The individuals files are in PDF format. These documents were designed as templates for teacher handouts to students and include areas for teachers to enter personalized data. These areas are intentionally left blank in the versions included here.
  • IS indicates Intermediate School course
  • HS indicates High School course

AP Brochure
Explains the Advanced Placement Program